Vote No on Measure G

Argument Against Measure G


Don't be fooled again!

​Measure G is the "new" Measure Y- just another tax. 

G's proponents promise to use it to preserve open space, make traffic flow, polish tarnished neighborhoods, and pave streets. Who's not for that?


They promised the same with Y, but promises weren' t kept. That's because THIS TAX CAN BE SPENT FOR ANYTHING, so election-time promises are meaningless sales pitches, derived from years of polls paid for by you, the city taxpayer, to discover what you'll vote for.

Review of Measure Y expenditures shows voters didn't get what they believed they'd get.

Y collected $6,000,000+ a year. Where did it go? Spending for open space, traffic relief,and street construction didn't change much before and after Y's passage.

WHAT CHANGED WAS SPENDING ON CITY SALARIES AND PENSIONS. Salaries grew about $6,000,000 per year, essentially absorbing Y's tax proceeds. The city compensates too generously:our city manager earns 28% more than the Governor, her predecessor has a $159,000 pension. 

This pattern will NOT change under G. And deceptive new promises of "accountability" CANNOT GUARANTEE WHAT IS FUNDED. The city's budget shows future intent: next year 2% of Y's funds go for traffic relief, 3% for open space, 4% for neighborhoods, and 91% for general government expenses including bloated salaries and pensions. 

Proponents claim without G the city will lack funds to operate at high standards. Really? The city banks a huge cash reserve —equal to about 34% of its annual expenditures. 

This "surplus" accumulated year after year, even during the Recession, while the city talked about being broke.


​Measure Y's account runs its own unspent cumulative surplus -- $4,300,000 was carried forward last year. This city's not broke. Its public trust, however, is broken. 

Don't be fooled again.

Please vote NO on G